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Event Photographer

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

Event Photographer

Sunshine coast, brisbane, gold coast, national & international

Some times it’s nice to participate, other times it’s nice to observe. As an event photographer, I love taking on the role of the observer. Standing back and watching. Capturing photos that represent the mood, energy and the character of an event. It’s like hunting. Getting the shot takes patience, and you need precision to execute with accuracy. But you need empathy as well. To know when not to take a shot, to know which shots to delete and which to use. There is a responsibility that comes with capturing an event. I take this seriously. It’s about being able to connect with people. I am very much a people person.

Crowd Appreciation - © 2020 Henry Glover

Corporate Conferences

Oh, did I mention that I specialise in corporate conference video too?

Catalyst Global – South Africa 2018
Snackbrands Conference – Noosa Heads 2018


Festivals - Conferences - Community - Sports - Birthdays - Parties

It doesn’t matter if it’s a music festival or a corporate conference, the approach is the same. It is important to capture the mood, with sensitivity to the participants. To create a set of images that will faithfully represent the memories of all involved. To allow those that didn’t attend to feel the atmosphere of the event. At corporate conferences there is also an element of trust. Often you are in a room that contains a confidential discussion, intellectual property. Discretion and a respect for the subject at hand is a must.

Community & Sports Events

What you can expect

Crowd Reflection - Henry Glover Music Event Photographer © 2020

Event Photographer Rates


Event Photography


1/2 Day

Event Photography


Full Day

Event Photography


These prices include: Editing & final on-line delivery of digital images sized for print and web.

These prices exclude: Travel & accomodation expenses outside of the Sunshine Coast area.

Discounted rates available for: Community and Charity Events, regular bookings, and multiple day bookings


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Esther Daniel

Love your photos Henry. And it’s always a pleasure working with you.


Sarah Cobb

You were great to work with. Hopefully we can work together on future projects. I will certainly be sharing your details around the office.

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Kim Ferguson

Wow Henry absolutely beautiful! We love your style 😍😍😍.

Professional Photography Award

Festivals - Conferences - Community - Sports - Birthdays - Parties

Henry Glover Photography, Peregian Beach, Queensland
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