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Mooloolaba Triathlon 2023

The Mooloolaba Triathlon is an inspiring event that showcases the dedication of its athletes captured by a sports event photographer.

Headshots for work

As more and more of our professional lives get driven on-line, the need for people to have great looking headshots grows too.

UK Summer

It’s always great to be the family photographer of my family for a change! And always good to be back in the UK.

Body Art

  • Event

Fashion photography & body art at The Australian Body Art Festival. There is a certain edginess to body art…

$3 Macro

Macro photography can mean expensive equipment. Not for this macro photographer – $3 Value town is where it’s at!

Peregian Originals

One of my favourite past times is live music event photography. This is definitely an event to put on your to-do list next time you visit the Sunshine Coast.


For some product photography is boring, but I love it! I love the challenge of trying to represent a “thing” in the best possible way.

Plant Power Mojo

Plant Power Mojo decide to take their on line brand to the next level. Professional personal brand photography is key to their strategy.

Flying High

  • Event

“Dad I just touched clouds!” was the first thing I heard from Lola. Probably the best gift voucher I have bought anyone.

Hill House

  • Portrait

It’s a privilege to be trusted to do portrait photography. It’s definitely one of my passions, and my goal is to create images that will be loved for years.

South Africa

An amazing place to take photographs and I did tick off a few bucket list shots. And that kept this Noosa photographer very happy :)

Cedar & Strings

Band photography isn’t always going to be comfortable. As much as the old church was quaint, it was not built for staying cool in the heat!

Catalyst Global

Catalyst Global Asia Zone Conference – this year it was being held on the Gold Coast. They needed a conference photographer and videographer.

London Street Art

  • Event

As a creative photographer, variety is the spice of life and visiting London again, after a 5 year absence, is always going to provide some new perspective.

Ferguson Street

Occasionally, I get asked to do airbnb photography. Taking photos of houses – a more technical discipline where I only have to deal with me!

Sun, Music, Water

The heat added to the vibe, especially when the sprinklers got turned on! Some great photographic opportunities for a festival photographer!

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