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airbnb photography

I don’t actively look for real estate photography work, but sometimes it finds me. On the Sunshine Coast, Airbnb has become a popular option for people looking to rent out their holiday home. So no surprises, occasionally, I get asked to do airbnb photography. I do like taking photos of houses. It’s a more technical discipline, and I only have to deal with me which is kind of simpler! It’s not that different from portrait photography really, except you do use different lenses. Still, it’s all about trying to represent character with the images.

Airbnb photography is about selling the character of a property

I shoot quite a few properties for Ereca who has an airbnb management business. This house, is a great example of a Queensland holiday house. Nestled in the heart of Sunshine Beach, it’s only a few minutes walk from restaurants and the beach.

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The hardest room to shoot in any house or unit is always the bathroom. They are never big, they always have mirrors, and clients aren’t keen on seeing me in the shot generally! A good wide angle lens is a must, but they aren’t the easiest to use. Finding the right angle to shoot is always key to getting the result. It is important to not over represent a property that is being rented for short term accomodation. The power of editing allows for some pretty amazing transformation, but this doesn’t always make for good tenant reviews – which are another key part of on-line rental strategy. So my job, is to somehow find balance in this. To make the property look great, but not to over represent – it’s a fine line.

I always view property photography as a welcome break from what I normally specialise in, so if you need some professional shots for a property you have, I’m always enthusiastic to do something that’s not what I normally do. And from that perspective, I think I offer something a little different too.

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