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Headshots for work

Headshot - Fabio Nocera, Artist - Sunshine Coast

I spent many years as a “natural light” photographer. So It took a good friend to tell me, that if I really loved photography, I was ultimately being lazy by avoiding using lights. So about 2 years ago I made the decision to start incorporating lighting into my professional photography. Headshots, and more formal portraiture quickly became a passion for me. I never realised that lighting could be used subtly – and now I am finally taking the portraits that I have always wanted to create.

Better Headshots

Using professional lights I can finely tune the detail in the image that I want to capture. I can really focus on my subject. Focus on how I see and want to portray this personality in front of me. It’s amazing how a slight shift in angle or lighting can make someone look radically different.

Formal, relaxed, laughing or serious? What is this image for? What’s important to you? Who are you? These are just some of the questions going around in my head when I shoot. My main aim is to represent you in a way that you love. The photo needs to be sympathetic to the brand that is you. It needs to resonate with other people too, but most importantly you need to love it.

Tasha Lawton – Director @ Talk Revolution

It’s an investment in you

As more and more of our professional lives get driven on-line, the need for a great looking profile picture grows too. A headshot that you are proud to represent you. A photo that makes you feel more confident about being part of the social networks that we all have to use. Often these days first impressions are made online. And that’s why a professional profile picture will definitely give you an edge in whatever your business is.

Lance Halls
Marnie Serio
Sharon Brooks

So if you are thinking about updating your on-line presence, feel free to give me a call and we can discuss upgrading your profile pictures :)

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