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Plant Power Mojo

Personal Brand Photography, Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Kevin and Lisa have a vegan blog called Plant Power Mojo and they have been running it for a couple of years. Their knowledge and commitment to health and wellbeing is inspirational and as a result they have developed a strong following. This year is the time for them to move away from their day jobs and take their blog to the next level. What originally started as a passionate hobby, is now how they want to make a living. So it’s time to get serious, and that’s where I can help with some professional personal brand photography.

Supercharging your personal brand with professional photography

So just before xmas, Kevin & Lisa approached me to help. They needed to develop a stronger and more cohesive feel to the way they visually portrayed themselves online through their blog. I advised them on some video blog strategy and we set a date to do our first photo shoot. In a second meeting we delved into the nuts and bolts of the types of images they needed. Planning is a key element of professional personal brand photography. For these two larakins, it was important to showcase that laughter is a massive part of their life, as well as making healthy choices.

On the day we shot at 4 different locations in and around their home town, Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. We were lucky to dodge the rain, and ended up being happy with the results for our first shoot together. From the 4 locations, I ended up handing back over 100 different images for them to use in their blog over the next 3 months. Before our next shoot we will review and look at the data of what worked and what didn’t. That’s why I love developing long term relationships with my commercial clients. Results always improve, and consequently we have more fun as working together gets easier and easier!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this article. If you feel that better photos could help your online brand, let’s talk :)

Cheers Henry

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