UK Summer

Professional Family Photographer, Henry Glover

I try and get home once a year now as a minimum – so it was time for a family visit back to the UK. I travelled from Brisbane with my 6yr old Reuben. We met my daughter Lola in London. It was Reuben’s first trip to the UK and he coped with the travel brilliantly. We stayed just outside London with my mum and dad, with one sister in Peckham, and the other sister in Worthing. We also had a couple of nights in Bury St Edmunds, staying with friends. It’s always good to connect with my family and get to be the family photographer of my family for a change! And we did manage to do a bit of sight seeing. We went to the Peckham Levels, Ickworth House, Bury St Edmunds, Greenwich Maritime Museum, Arundel Castle, and Worthing amongst a few other places.

Family photographer and the “group shot”

Always a tradition in the family – whenever we get together there’s a group portrait shot. This year I was the one charged with recording the group family photo. My dad happy to pass on the responsibility, of what is a fairly technical photo to get right. They are a meaningful photo though, especially over time. They gain value in a family context, and the extra effort is always worth it.

Overall the weather was fantastic, and the light was generally abundant. It’s weird though, at about 4pm every day I would think “we’re starting to lose light now”. I am so programmed to do this in Australia lol 🙂 – but where we were, it wasn’t starting to get dark until 9.15pm. So yeah, an abundance of light really! It was great to go to my mum and dads, and see all the old family photos on the walls. It made me feel lucky about how much I really enjoy what I do for my work. Creating memories for people, capturing a moment in time.