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Body Art

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Fashion Event Photographer, Body Art, Cooroy, Sunshine Coast

Sundays are normally a day off for me. But when your passion is your job, the line between work and play sometimes gets blurred. This Sunday was a great example. So friends had told me about The Australian Body Art Festival which was being held in Cooroy, not too far from me. I really want to shoot more fashion photography (I’ve done a fair bit in video). Photographing body art is not too dissimilar really.

Body Art & Fashion photography

I only had roughly an hour, so most of the shots I took were candid and not from the best position. There was one main tent where the models were being transformed, so I did a couple of laps with my trusty 70-200mm. There were some models walking around, who were only too happy to pose for a few minutes. The setting wasn’t aesthetically great, so I ended up shooting pretty much all close ups and mid shots.

I was happy because I got some great portrait shots of some of the models. If I had had some more time, I would have covered the event more comprehensively – it was a great vibe! There were heaps of other photographers there though – so if you are hungry to see more I’d check out the festival’s facebook page

I feel really lucky that the Sunshine Coast has so many great events scattered through the year. The Body Art Festival has to be one of the more colourful, along with the iconic Woodford Folk Festival. There is so much more to this region than just the beaches. I tell people quite regularly that I live in paradise. I’m sure they don’t quite get it, especially if they haven’t been here. I love to “visit” the city still. But I sincerely mean it, on the Sunshine Coast, we truly live in paradise.

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