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Catalyst Global

Professional Conference Photographer

Catalyst Global Team Building is the world’s largest team building network. 45 different companies all working together to deliver excellence in team building worldwide. Their annual Asia Zone Conference was on the Gold Coast this year. They asked me to be the conference photographer and videographer.

Why do I like being a conference photographer?

So conference work means that I get to travel. Every place I go to has a different vibe, especially when you are looking through a photographer’s eyes. It’s always great to come home, but going away definitely gives you more opportunities to photograph. One of the first lessons I learnt about photography, is that you need to get out of your own back yard to take good images. So at a conference I enjoy the mixture of shooting candid and directed photos. I know will have to overcome challenges (normally lack of light!) presented by the event venue too, and I always love a challenge!

So this was a small conference – company directors only, in a not so large meeting room. It’s difficult to get the shots without being intrusive in such a small room. I’ve worked with Catalyst Global for nearly 3 years and this is why they trust me to document a meeting like this, where a lot of what is being discussed is confidential.

Also, I always learn a lot when I cover a Catalyst conference. I love listening to some of the world’s best talk about team building theory. To my slightly nerdy mind, it’s genuinely fascinating! Another bonus is that Catalyst know how to achieve that perfect balance of work and play at their conferences. This means the participants all have a good time which definitely makes my job easier!

Conferences are one of my specialised areas in photography. My set up allows me to travel internationally, covering both photo and video. So if you have a conference or event that needs to be recorded, give me a call and we can discuss 🙂

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