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London Street Art

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Creative Professional Photographer

I love living in Queensland, Australia. However, there’s nothing better than spending time in the city I was born in. As a creative photographer, variety is the spice of life and visiting London again, after a 5 year absence, is always going to provide some new perspective for my photography. Things change, neighbourhoods change, the vibe changes. And this visit was no different, in that I definitely saw change. So when I visit the UK, it’s always a highlight to stay with my sister in London. She lives in a now trendy suburb called Nunhead, close to Lewisham and Peckham.

So much to inspire a creative photographer

So traditionally these parts of London have done it tough, but more recently they have become the more desirable places to live. From what I can see, there is definitely a feel of multi-cultural life working. Hipsters and gangsters living in synergy lol! The street art really reflects this. It’s everywhere, and so much of it is REALLY good. Honestly, for a morning’s random shooting, I felt totally spoilt for choice. I hardly put my camera down, and had a great time hanging out with my sister.

I believe that art in any city is vitally important. It helps to define the personality of all who dwell in the city. It gives a sense of belonging. Buildings are such a great canvas, and when you think about it, the perfect place for community art. To be a creative photographer I need to be inspired, and I dream of a time that my own community creates a forum for that sort of diversity. I believe that by providing public canvases for artists, public buildings being a perfect candidate, we allow the community to reflect on who it is.

Portraits of locals who inspire. Graphical reminders of relevant community values. Art has always had a purpose being displayed within a community. As a creative photographer, I love the fact that I can bring attention to the need for more community art. As a consumer of community art, especially in Queensland, I have a hunger to see more and more.

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