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Peregian Originals

Professional Event Photography, Peregian Beach

Music has always been a passion of mine. I was originally a sound engineer in the UK in my twenties. So as far as event photography goes, music events are pretty much my favourite to cover. The real challenge is to capture the energy of both the band and the crowd, to make the viewer of the photos feel like they were really there. I moved to Peregian Beach a couple of years ago and am lucky enough to live right in the middle of this beautiful Sunshine Coast beach community. The Peregian Originals is a “by donation” monthly community live music concert. It’s a 300m stroll from my house to the park where this amazing community event happens so regularly.

A photography event not to be missed

So this was another amazing day out featuring music from Manoa, Andy V and H-Cee Family. If you haven’t had the chance to be part of the amazing vibe, make sure you put it on your to-do list next time you visit. Quality music in the sunshine, by the beach with friends – it really is a must do! So if I’m not away working, I will always do my best to walk over to the park. Flex my event photography and try to capture some of what never fails to be a great atmosphere.

One of my favourite parts about being an event photographer is taking on the role of the silent observer. Being patient and working hard to find that truly special moment to release the shutter. Working in event photography you are fully focused on the people and you truly start to see the spectrum of humanity. You see special moments, happiness and sometimes vulnerability. You see the raw spectrum of the human condition. I take the responsibility of representing an event seriously. So it’s important to me to try my hardest to capture the moments that people would love to remember.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and look through some of my photos – hope you enjoyed 🙂

cheers Henry

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