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Flying High

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Portrait Photography Gift Voucher, Noosa Heads

It was only a few weeks until Christmas, and my daughter Lola was nagging me to buy her a pair of new shoes for her present. I couldn’t help visualising the shoes sitting in a cupboard, lonely, after being worn twice. So it was going to be different this year. I decided to buy her an experience, a gift voucher or something she would remember, not a thing.

After a bit of thought, I came up with the idea of a powered hang glider tandem flight. So I searched online and found the Hang Gliding Senior Safety Officer for the Sunshine Coast, David Cookman. I instantly felt better about her flying with a safety officer! Because as much as I wanted to challenge Lola with an experience, I also wanted her to return to earth! It wasn’t long before I received an email with a gift voucher. And with that, the Christmas present dilemma was solved.

So yes, of course I have gift vouchers for my portrait photography service. Why hadn’t I thought about that?

A Gift Voucher is always appreciated….

Anyway, Lola loved the present. So 3 weeks later, very early on a Sunday morning, we arrived at the airstrip ready for Lola’s experience to happen. The motor was already running and he was doing all the pre flight checks. Within about 15 minutes, Lola was in the air. 30 minutes on the ground seemed like an eternity. Then suddenly I saw them making the landing approach.

“Dad I just touched clouds!”. She loved the flight, and I think it is probably the best present I have bought her to date. I took some photos and I edited a video for her to remember the experience by too!

So next time you have to buy a present for someone, maybe consider a gift voucher. It’s a gift that will be remembered.

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