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Sun, Music, Water

Festival Photographer - Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

The Sunshine Coast can be pretty warm in the peak of summer. Especially if you are dancing to great music by the beach at the Peregian Originals. It’s an amazing community event on a Sunday afternoon, once a month in the park by Peregian Beach. I had my hat, camera and plenty of water to drink. The heat added to the vibe, especially when the sprinklers got turned on! Some really great photographic opportunities for this festival photographer!

Why I love being a festival photographer

The amazing atmosphere of a live outdoor music event mesmerises me. It’s a thrill to be part of the atmosphere, but also there is the feeling of being a little detached at the same time. Kind of analysing the situation, but asking questions too. What is this event really about?

Festival Photography
Festival Photographer

A live community event that brings a lot of people together. This is something that we need more of, more so than ever. I really like the mix of people at the Peregian Originals. Some are there to party a bit, some are there to sit on a rug and catch up with friends. The beach, skate bowl and park for the kids make it an easy afternoon out for families too. All ages, all types, and this is why I love taking photos at this great regular event, literally in my own back yard. For me it’s a beautiful portrait of our community, and a pleasure to try and capture.

It’s also a real testament to the organisers of Peregian Originals that the “by donation” concert continues to thrive after running for over 16 years. The volunteers work really hard and the effort shows. This is also a great opportunity to take photos just to satisfy my passion, which I like to do as well as making a living from it. I donate the photos to Peregian Originals, and occasionally get a shot for my portfolio.

Festival Photographer

One of my favourite afternoons in the month – I get to have a great afternoon out, catch up with friends and do what I love most – take photos 🙂

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