Headshots for work

Headshot - Fabio Nocera, Artist - Sunshine Coast

As more and more of our professional lives get driven on-line, the need for people to have great looking headshots grows too.

$3 Macro

Professional Product Macro Photography, Noosa Heads

I NEED a macro shot of an insect to prove to myself that I am a macro photographer. I need to capture and tell the story of the detail in a compound eye!


For some product photography is boring, but I love it! I fully embrace the challenge of trying to represent a “thing” in the best possible way.

Plant Power Mojo

Personal Brand Photography, Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Plant Power Mojo decide to take their on line personal brand to the next level. Professional personal brand photography is key to their strategy.

Ferguson Street

Airbnb Photographer, Sunshine Beach

Occasionally, I get asked to do airbnb photography. I like taking photos of houses – it’s a more technical discipline, but I do only have to deal with me!